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We build teams that develop solutions: #Sales #marketing #strategy #business Development
SHG develops sales and marketing strategies for industry, start ups and SME's. Our dedicated team and sophisticated network of professionals and investors can bring ideas from concept to market in a broad range of business. We have worked with heavy industry, retail, wood product manufacturing, educational system development, start ups, and more.... We are always interested in connecting with companies large and small....

Business Strategy

Developing sales funnels, strategy, and solutions that support strategic development. We work with start ups, established companies and freelancers developing concepts.

Sales and Marketing

SHG has an experienced business development team with decades of project management and proven results.

Educational Development

Training systems development. Multi cultural training and localisation of products and services., which includes website design, SEO, and online LMS system design.

We have a dedicated team who create opportunity
SHG is based in Tallinn, Estonia. We are a multicultural team with decades of experience in developing business.
Decades of Experience Working for you

Business Planning

Take your ideas to market.
SHG is ready to listen to your ideas, challenges, and to help you to develop a strategy for success and change. Our proven projects have resulted in multi million euro deals across the globe.

Educational Solutions

Training development is critical for company growth. We offer a range of training, workshop, LMS designed platforms for training and online language study solutions, online sales training and marketing, and also on-boarding for new staff LMS solutions.

Heavy Industries

SHG has decades of experience in developing heavy industry leads and products, which has included natural energy, such as wind and also wood production across Estonia. We work with leading Nordic designers in sister companies offering a variety of products and services.

Operational Purchasing

We offer years of experience in operational purchasing; built from working with companies like Daewoo, Electrolux, Hilton, and Siemens on a variety of projects.

Website Design and SEO Development

Our inhouse website design team can bring any concept to completion within days, not months.
We offer intuitive website design solutions you can trust; no fluff website design for any sized project.

Start Ups

Starting anew business from scratch is never easy, but it is certainly easier when you have some seasoned mentors, advisors, and capital funding to get you going.
We are always interested in opportunities to grow companies

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SHG offers you the opportunity to work with specialist skills sets in business development, marketing, sales, and industry, which can give you an advantage when dealing with any project.

Adrian, and his team brought real change to our company and added sales and value to our product and services.

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Enhancing your success
We are, in many respects, old school in our approach to business and results. We aim for tangible results, not indexes, algorithms, and how many likes you achieve every month! Although every business may find some equity in social media likes etc, we aim for product, service, development directly connected to actual sales.


Most frequent questions and answers
  • SHG is a Strategic and Operational Purchasing Consultancy with more than 15 years experience in the industrial and automotive sector.
  • SHG offers a unique value proposition of Cost to Benefit with highly competitive fees and intensive results focussed projects. ROI`s above 15:1 are not uncommon for our projects.

  • For sourcing projects short term opportunities can be achieved on the route to LCC sourcing by SHG supporting the current purchasing team leverage the existing supply base in negotiations.

  • SHG also supports companies, that are moving supply chains including factories into the Baltic’s, Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. This activity is supported by Russian and English speaking staff who have extensive experience operating in these regions and working with the European automotive industry.

SHG is located in Tallinn, Estonia. We have operations in Estonia, Russia, and China respectively.

  • Daewoo Electronics (electronic assembly)  Korea
  • Donnelly Corporation (electro mechanical systems) USA
  • FAG Automotive (automotive bearings)                Germany
  • Electrolux (white goods electro mech. + electronics)-         UK
  • Pressac /Cartier (automotive electronics)- France
  • Siemens (electro mechanical systems)          UK
  • ThyssenKrupp Automotive (stampings/assemblies) Germany/Russia/UK
  • Bosch (electromechanical)                         Germany/Russia
  • WABCO (Commercial Vehicle braking systems) Germany/France/Poland

    SHG languages include English, German, French, Russian, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian.
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SHG believes in transparent business partnerships.
  • Security:

    We offer safe practices, certified manufacturing, facilities and years of proven experience.

  • Flexibility:

    Adaptable to market demands and company needs, we make every project our own.